Garmin Vivofit 3 Activity Tracker


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In today’s fast moving world, most of us prioritize work over our health. We keep track of our life but it becomes harder to trace our daily physical activity. We can reduce a lot of stress by quantifying our physical activities. We could make necessary changes to our routines for better, healthier lives. Vívofit3 activity tracker with Garmin Move IQ™ automatic activity detection will make your life easier with its cutting edge features. Take a look at some of its extraordinary features that will make you fall in love with this incredible watch.

  • Battery life of up to 1-year
  • Monitors your daily activities including the number of steps you take, calories consumed, distance traveled, intensity minutes and time on the backlit display. It also monitors your sleep.
  • Garmin Connect characterizes your activity through activity tracker.
  • Audible alerts and move bar reminds you to stay active.
  • Features automatic syncs with Garmin Connect to save your development, plan further activities and share

Move IQ captures your movement

Vívofit 3 comes with Move IQ, which recognizes your activities and changes in your movements using an elliptical. All your activities including walking, running, swimming, biking etc are captured by Vívofit 3. Additionally, you won’t even have to enter changes manually on your watch when you start a new activity. The watch itself knows how you move. You can later access this data in detail on Garmin Connect.

Move bar and alerts to indicate inactivity

As we know physical activity is a snappy and simple way to stay fit. Vívofit 3 features a red move bar that appears on the display. This is to indicate all your movements. It also indicates inactivity and alerts you that it is the time to move. After every 1 hour of inactivity Vívofit® 3 will notify you with a gentle alert sound and keep you on your toes.

Water resistant with a long battery life

Vívofit 3 comes with a 1-year long battery life and a water resistant body. Now you don’t have to worry about taking it off as you dive in the pool for a swim. Thanks to the long battery life you can wear this incredible watch all throughout the day and night. Moreover, it also monitors your rest as you go to sleep so there is no point taking it off.

Mix and match with your outfit

You also have the option to coordinate your Vívofit 3 fitness tracker with your outfits as it comes with optional accessory bands in various colors. This watch is an amazing combination of great functions and immense style. The bands of vívofit 3 come in several feminine styles like Gabrielle and Alexandra collection for the fitness freak girls out there. Changing the bands according to your dress is also pretty easy, simply pop out vívofit 3 module and place it in the band you want to wear.

Technology meets style with Vívofit3

Vívofit 3 gives you an opportunity to combine fashion and fitness with its Jonathan Adler + Garmin collection of accessory bands. These bands can be used interchangeably according to the outfit you are wearing. Jonathan Adler is well renowned for his outstanding craftsmanship and Garmin has a heritage in the technology world. Combine these two and you get a world-class wearable activity tracker with immense style.

There are separate accessory bands for Vívofit, Vívofit 2 and Vívofit 3 in the Jonathan Adler + Garmin collection. These bands are not compatible so you will have to confirm the compatibility of these bands with Vívofit module before buying one.

Customize your activities for healthier life

You can now personalize your daily goals to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Vívofit 3 acquires information about your current activity levels and accordingly assigns daily goals. It keeps on refreshing your daily goals as you achieve the previous ones and helps you march towards a better and healthier life.

Useful Tips from Garmin Connect

As you go about with your daily activities, vívofit keeps track of it and syncs it to Garmin Connect. After carefully observing your activities, the app delivers consequential and attainable goals. It will also remind you to move if in case you lose track of time and lack behind in meeting your daily goals.

Additionally, it includes health tips from experts so that you can have your virtual trainer and coach with you at all times in the form of a watch.