RCA - Multidirectional Indoor HDTV Antenna - Gloss Black


$29.99 $34.99


Product Features

Compatible with most ATSC digital and NTSC analog tuners

Supports up to 1080i high-definition for quality audio and video. Also supports standard-definition signals.

360° multidirectional design

Helps ensure minimal required adjustment.

Optimized for VHF and UHF signals

To provide clear reception with reduced noise from nonbroadcast TV frequencies.

Attached coaxial cable

Set to 75 ohms impedance to match the antenna and tuner requirements.

Integrated keyhole slots

Make it easy to mount the antenna on a wall (requires additional fastener, not included).

Tabletop placement

Lets you situate the antenna next to your TV. A slim profile and gloss black finish offer a sleek, stylish complement.