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  1. Hakko CHP Wire Strippers


    Description Hakko CHP tools have handles that are made with a nifty powder-impregnated rubber that makes for a comfortable 'non-stick' grip, without feeling slippery or oily. A good pair of wire strippers is essential for anyone working with electronics or electrical devices...
  2. Hakko FX-888D


    Description The new digital Hakko FX-888D is now available! The Hakko FX-888D is an updated digital version of the popular FX-888 and includes several new features. User selectable preset temperatures and digital calibration simplify user setup and operation, and the...
  3. Hakko CHP Needlenose Pliers, Serrated


    Description Hakko CHP long nose pliers represent excellent value for your tool dollar. Made in Italy, these serrated (grooved) jawed pliers are ideal for lead forming or holding components. These needle nose pliers allow easy access to those hard-to reach...